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In an effort to reduce our contributions to landfill, while also sticking to our mission of supporting those from less affluent backgrounds, we have paired up with ApparelXchange to provide clothing and equipment to children in need.

At the end of our Lost Property cycle, in which items are held for two weeks to be collected, we wash and prepare them for the team to collect. From here, they then go on to be repaired, ironed or put straight on the shelf for a new family to receive them at either low cost or free of charge.

Our work with ApparelXchange has also allowed us to reflect on our current business practices, and ways in which we could improve from an environmental or social perspective. With this in mind, we are currently planning our first ever clothing drive, in which customers are encouraged to donate clothing and outdoor equipment which will be directly beneficial to children in the local community, giving them the resources and kit needed to join us in learning about, and appreciating, the outdoors.

If you have any questions about the environmental work that we do, or would like to suggest another way we could help out in the local area, feel free to get in touch on

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