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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Taster Session

Available Saturday & Sunday | Ages 8+ | All Abilities

Quick Details

Groups of 2 Participants
Groups of 4 Participants
Group of 6 Participants

Find your feet with our Stand Up Paddle Boarding Taster Session

Stand Up Paddle Boarding? It’s exactly what it sounds like. There’s a board, a paddle and a lot of water. The question is how long can you stay standing.

Test your balance, challenge your mates and try not to fall in!

Your 90 minute session starts at the waterside, where we kit you out with all the safety gear and give you a brief talk on how to get moving. You’ll be helped on to the water by one of our expert instructors, and then you’ll learn all about turns, movement, technique and, most importantly, how to win at team games.

You will end up swimming, but who will be first?


What is Provided

Wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets are provided free of charge. We also have changing facilities, toilets and plenty of coffee for afterwards!


What to Bring

Please bring a full change of clothes and shoes along with a towel. A swimming costume is ideal for under your wetsuit, but quick-dry sportswear can work too.


Please note a minimum of 4 people is required for a session to run.